Surface treatment technology for packing cutter

Package cutter in cutting production, but requires that you have a high enough intensity and toughness, but its surface properties of Package cutter is critical to the performance and service life. These surface properties: abrasion resistance, hot hardness, friction and fatigue properties. Improve the performance, relying solely on improved and enhanced blade material is very limited, by surface treatment technology, you can have a multiplier effect, surface treatment technology for rapid development.


Surface treatment technology of Package cutter, surface coating, surface modification, or through treatment technology, changing the Package cutter surface form, organization structure and stress States. On the way from the surface, and can be divided into: chemical, physical methods of physical-chemical and mechanical means. Improved surface performance of Package cutter new processing technologies are emerging, nitriding, carburizing and hardening of more major film.


Due to nitriding technology can form the performance surface and nitriding quenching process of high speed steel with good coordination, Package cutter with minimal deformation, so Package cutter nitriding surface hardening is compared with earlier, is the most widely used. The purpose of Package cutter carburizing, primarily in order to improve the overall strength and toughness, have high strength and abrasion resistance.

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