Pillow packaging machine blade common problem analysis and processing methods:

(1) when the cutter cutting of Pillow type packaging machine on the product when this is pillow packing machine the height of the height of the knife block is not appropriate, and packaging too fast, push rod and cutters without at the same time when the solution is to adjust the pillow type packaging machine speed, adjust the height of the knife block.


(2) when the pillow type packaging machine production products location off the cases of deviation from the color, are proof of film color standard color light, film drive skid solution at this time is to adjust its sensitivity tracking mode switch to pillow-style packing machine "tracks".


(3) when the temperature table of Pillow type packing machine when you can't control the temperature, which is solid-breakers damaged, and could be temperature table is broken, this time the solution was to replace the temperature table, replace the solid cut-outs.


(4) when the pillow type packaging machine for sealing the situation is fragile, this may be the pillow packing machine blade speed is too fast, not to mention the solution is appropriate at this time to reduce blade pillow packaging machine speeds.

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