Notes on safe operation of the packaging printing blade voltage divider

(1) Check the machine movement, should be able to move around.

(2) During machine operation, do not allow persons near the cutter wheel, so as not to hurt the rotary blade.

(3) When the machine stops, the waste paper scraps on the machine should be cleaned.

(4) The class must shut down the entire machine cleaning and maintenance at least once, especially in the rail section to clean, leaving no debris.

(5) Replace the packaging printing blade, creasing wheel and the wheel, and other objects must stop operation.

(6) As the blade wear and diameter decreases, the cutting knife must be adjusted downward, the blade cut off the size of cardboard in the range of 3 ~ 5mm is appropriate.

(7) Must be carefully cutting edge blade injury or damage when replacing the blade, the packaging printing blade should be clean before the new cutter blade and the bonding surface of the platen. Tighten the screws on each cutter plate should be the same degree of tightening, screw thread may not be damaged. After pressing the blade blades should be checked whether there are radial and axial runout. Blade during high-speed operation prohibition positive people stay or move in blade.

(8) After replacing the wheel should check that the inclination of the two wheel, grind the edge of the left and right can not deviate from the phenomenon.

(9) In the machine under the premise of accurate positioning, if the board is still up and down shake the size of the lid is poor, you should check the knife, the line is consistent with the baseline positioning. Tool line positioning benchmark for the machine's central axis, re-knife, the baseline coincidence of the line and then run the device to be amended.

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