When using the packaging machine blade, the following points should be noted

First, the rational use: the staff in the use of packaging machine blade, the first thing that should be a reasonable use. Because only a reasonable use, then its life will be extended. If the long-term continuous use, then the blade can not rest. Naturally there will be failure. For example, if you have been working without rest, then the natural physical condition can be imagined, the blade is also true.


Second, maintenance: staff in the use of packaging machine blades, but also the need for its maintenance and maintenance. So that it's more long life, then use it is relatively easy to use. Maintenance and maintenance, the staff must be careful to carefully, so as to the maintenance of the place, any one corner are left off.


Third, the staff in the use of packaging machine blade, is the need for records. The time of each use, and how often maintenance and cleaning takes place. So there is a record of the record, then the natural late in use, will be clear at a glance.

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