Packaging blades materials    Shanghai Zhengli Blades according to Packaging Blades demand,using a variety of high-quality raw materials:Rapid steel Tungsten steel, Carbon steel, Tool steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel, casting, heat treatment, finishing, hardening, thermal insulation, the initial grinding, fine grinding,Deep cold processing and other sectors produce high-precision, robust standard blade,because of our professional design fit the needs of the packaging industry, it has a very competitive offer.In addition, we can customize the depth of the packaging blades according to your specific needs,You only need to provide a blade shape, size, use, if there are detailed drawings, we will produce a more sophisticated package blades, of course, can also be hand-painted artwork.Custom packaging blades material we will give you the most scientific recommendations made in accordance with the shape of the blades and use and provides a competitive offer,if you need Packaging Blades,Paper Packaging Machine Blades,Plastic Packaging Machine Blades,Food Packaging Machine Blades,Vacuum Packaging Machine Blades,Membrane Packaging Machine Blades,Please contact us!

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      Shanghai Zhengli Blade Manufacture Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997,is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Packaging Blades,Packaging Machine Blades,Packaging Circular Blades,Packaging Separator blades,Packaging Industrial Blades.Applications include Paper Packaging,Plastic Packaging,Wood Packaging,Glass Packaging,Metal Packaging and other industries! more
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